grazer date

apply to date with jannah santana

during this time we thought we would do something fun, grazer dates. fellow vegans and vegetarians can apply to win an online date with one of our users.


grazer date, matchmaking series starts with vegan influencer and grazer user, jannah santana. jannah is 25, vegan for 4 years and is looking for a vegan man on her wavelength. jannah said “i am a happy and optimistic person looking for a fellow optimist, that doesn’t take life too seriously but is still dedicated and driven.”


jannah’s instagram:


grazer will select the most suitable applicant to win an online date with jannah. the winner will organise a virtual date with Jannah.


if you are vegan or vegetarian and you interested in an online date with jannah, email: with; your name, age, dietary preference, three pictures of yourself, a few sentences about you and explanation of what you would do on your online date, extra points for creativity. we'll get back to you soon :)